ALMOST FAMOUS WINE COMPANY creates original brands that authentically draw upon the winemaking heritage, experience and passions of our dynamic winemaking team.

 We’re not here to ask what our world can do for us. We ask what we can do for our world. Our brands are driven by consumer requests and demands, not production quotas or tired assumptions, And each brand gives back to an important cause. 


2017 sold out | 2018 to be released winter 2022

The art of the dance is not so different than the art of the blend. Dancers move together and support each other, creating art that is more beautiful and more complex than what can be achieved individually. Choreography stars a blend of varietals that have been dance partners for centuries in Bordeaux. Together they create a wine that lifts, leaps and lingers in one’s memory long after the last sip. 

Each bottle of Choreography gives back to a local organizations for the performing arts in Livermore.

We share the vision of a world where every animal is loved, and every person knows the love of an animal. By working hand in hand with local animal shelters and organizations in every community in which this wine is sold, we hope to bring together compassionate, dedicated people for the good of all. Brunello, Darcie’s faithful German Shepherd companion since 2008, kindly posed for the Cabernet label. Anders, Darcie’s niece’s lovable Golden Retriever, graces the label of the Chardonnay. 

Each bottle of Dog Day Cab & Chard gives back to a local rescue organization in the community the wine was sold. Since 2015, Dog Day Cab has raised $2 per bottle sold for Valley Humane, our local no-kill shelter.


Firepit wines are crafted with the belief that great wines should spark conversations that warm the soul and glow bright as embers long into the evening.  A portion of the proceeds from this wine benefit our national parks.

Beginning in 2022, proceeds will also be donated to organizations benefitting California's state parks.

Nestled between orchards of pistachio, hazelnut and olive trees, the golden grapes of the Pistachio Lane vineyards fully ripen to celebrate the union of art, wine, and the natural world. 


new label expected spring 2023

Victories Rosé was created in 2004 by Olympic Gold Medalist Peggy Fleming and her husband Dr. Greg Jenkins to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness. In 2013, they passed the torch to Darcie of Darcie Kent Vineyards. Its first decade was a huge success, and Victories is now a stand-alone label. 

Each bottle of Victories Rosé gives back $2 to Axis Medical Care in the San Francisco Bay Area, to support breast cancer treatment and screenings to women in need.

Wine Without Borders strives to grow some of the world’s most interesting wines, despite these grape varieties not being household names. Primitivo is a clonal cousin of Zinfandel from the old world. Its name roughly translates as “early one” since it is often the first red grape to ripen. It is also the first wine in the Wine Without Borders lineup. Uncork and enjoy flavors of ripe figs, black currants and fresh blackberries.